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I am very much looking forward to working with all of the members and guests at Golf Club
Schloss Krugsdorf. I am here to help every one improve their Golf Games but also have fun
from this wonderful sport we play.
I have been teaching Golf at all levels for over 30 years from beginners to Tour players. I am
the third generation of Golfer in my family .
Based in Germany for the summer and Valencia Spain with my academy in the winter
I have worked with various academies and teaching methods over the 30 years such as Feel
Golf , David Leadbetter, Jack Nicklaus/ Jim Flick and of course my grandfather and father
who taught me from the age of 7 years old to play .
I established the Hi5 Pro Tour running professional tour events through the winter months in
Spain . Many top European Tour players have competed with me in Spain and I have
successfully tournament directed over 60 events to date .
I still enjoy playing and helping people with their course strategy and game improvement
even though my competitive career unfortunately was shortened through a back injury .
A qualified Club maker and fitter any requirements with equipment can be maximised to
assist in your game improvement .
I believe there is no one way to swing the golf club and will look to find the best way for you
to improve your game as simply as possible using one or a combination of the methods
mentioned before.
Speaking German , English and Spanish I look forward to our first lesson together.
“”” Ohne grass kein spass !!!!!!!!!!! “””” Nige


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